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International Choreographers Competition «BEST SHOW» — is a dance competition with no rules and limits in dance styles.

Main goal of the project: to create beautiful, bright dance event, performance.

1. SHOW / to get together on one stage the best dance Shows of the current dance season
2. MEDIA / to o ffer MEDIA-support for the participants
3. IMAGE / to create high quality image for audience, professional photo and video shooting for participants (Each participant-dance group of International. Choreographers Competition «BEST SHOW» will get records for personal portfolio).

Main judging criteria: technique, dancing, SHOW.


STAGE — stage dance styles as: Classical, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz-Modern, Pole Dance, Tap Dance, Cabaret etc.

URBAN — dance styles of street and club cultures, commercial choreography and other modern styles as: Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Popping, Locking, House, Waacking, Voguing, Dancehall, Cheerleading, Strip plastic, Twerk and other popular dance styles

COUNTRIES REPRESENT — dance styles representing any country or culture as: folklore, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Country, Afro, Salsa, Latino, Tango, Hustle, etc…

FUSION — mix of different dance styles and experimental choreography



PRO Category /no age limits

Number of dancers: from 1 person.

Duration of the performance: till 5:00 min.

All the participants submitting the application for PRO category should provide the link to theis demo-video!

ADULTS Category /from 16 years old

Number of dancers: from 5 person.

Duration of the performance: till 4:00 min.

YOUTH /13 till 15 years old

Number of dancers: from 5 person.

Duration of the performance: till 3:30 min.

JUNIORS /10 till 12 years old

Number of dancers: from 5 person.

Duration of the performance: till 3:30 min.

CHILDREN /7 till 9 years old

Number of dancers: from 5 person.

Duration of the performance: till 3:00 min.

MINI-KIDS /till 6 years old

Number of dancers: from 5 person.

Duration of the performance: till 3:00 min.

Technical options

  • There is no maximum limit for the number of dancers in the performance, but be advised, that the size of the stage of concert hall Studio 69 is 14 m (length) х 9 m (depth)
  • Each group-participant can use a led-screen as a background and additional visualization during the dancing performance

The best size of photo and video is 720 х 480px or 720р. Picture format: .JPG or .PNG Video format: .MOV or .MP4. Files in other formats are not accepted!

  • Every team-participant of the competition has an opportunity to use premium class special effects on the stage during the performance. The full list of the options will be sent by e-mail to the teams, who will receive the confirmation to participate in the competition.
  • The stage dancefloor is covered with ballet linoleum!
  • All videos from the event will be published on our official Youtube channel Also will be available online live-stream of all the event and all nominations on internet!
  • There is option to use premium level special effects for performance on the stage (contacting organizers and confirming the details in advance)


All groups-participants will get International Choreographers Competition «BEST SHOW 2019» diplomas.

Winning places will get diplomas, cups, titles and special prizes from International Choreographers Competition «BEST SHOW» partners and sponsors.

PRO categories best performance will get THE MAIN PRIZE — 1000 EUR cash

and Choreographer of the winning team — GOLD CARD to visit worldwide famous HYPER WEEK Summer Dance Camp 2019 + paid flight from Riga to Sicily and back!

GOLD CARD includes:

— 8 days in wonderful location in Catania, Sicily (Italy)

— More, than 30 workshops of worldwide famous dancers and choreographers!

— Comfortable accommodation and tasty food

— Evening program, concerts, competitions, very friendly atmosphere and unforgettably spent time!

ADULT categories best performance’s Choreographer will get: HYPER WEEK Summer Dance Camp 2019 — BLUE CARD to visit worldwide famous dance camp (the flight is not included!)

BLUE CARD includes: free access to ALL workshops in the camp!

More information about HYPER WEEK:


Competition will be judged by international well-known dancers-choreographers, Big Stage artists, famous public person and the most famous Latvian mass media representatives (press, radio, TV, internet-portals)..


Special offer for BEST SHOW 2019 participants!

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